Dr Gabriel Pidomson (Chairman BoT Wike Solidarity Movement) ouline the crimes of those desirous to seize power by force in Rivers State.


First, The Monorail was a scam that engulfed over 37 billion Naira:

it is not working and will never work, the mass of concrete that liters Government House Drive is a standing testimony to greed and disregard for Rivers People. If the monorail project was not a fraud, why has APC led Ministry for Transport not deemed it expedient to take over and complete of the project.

Two, The Canadian Hospital was a fraud.

Indeed, when a serving governor sits in the midst of educated Nigerians and declares that in the cause of the project, the government was defrauded of $30 million dollars, I begin to worry and wonder if $30 million is N30 that can just disappear without connivance or outright desire to swindle.

Three, the Greater Port Harcourt Project was a scam.

Billions of Naira went into the drain; a drain dug in the deep pockets of those who contrived the idea. Yes!!! While we can admit that building a new city possess a lot of challenge, there is no doubt in the mind of many right-thinking Rivers persons that the Greater Port Harcourt project was dead on arrival. The facilitators of the project knew what the outcome would be right from the outset, but ignored reason and made away with billions of Naira that should have impacted the lives of Rivers people.

Four, as key players in the transport industry both the master and his protégées have not deemed it necessary to complete the renovation of the Port Harcourt International Airport, or seek improvements to our sea ports.
It is sad to note that they have failed to attract projects and employment to the state. Even security and cleaning jobs that should be the least they can provide are scanty or out rightly elusive.

Yet these persons and their masters holding power at the Center are keen on seizing power in rivers State, not by the power of ballots, but by force of arms that they are planning to mobilize to kill their fellow brothers and sisters:

peace loving Rivers People who simply want to cast their votes and have their votes counted and announced. Peace loving Rivers men and women who are tired of lies and wanton braggadocio.

Peace loving Rivers people who, by their mobilization behind Governor Wike and the army of persons who are decamping from the APC every day, continue to register their resolve to stand and fight the Rivers Cause, and ensure that the Rivers Project is a success.

Yes! The Rivers Project is the Re-election of Governor Nyesom Wike but not all about him. Indeed, while the re-election of Governor Wike: the Mr. Projects and Workhorse of Rivers Development, is a milestone on the program of The Rivers Project, The River Project is more about River People and our resources, our security, our culture, and our future.

It is about our collective resolve to deflate the aggression against Rivers People by a tiny cabal of person who have benefited from our resources, yet they continue to show deep-seated hatred for our common destiny, and are willing to destroy all that we stand for: our peace, our unity, our economy, our culture, and our environment. Instead of cleaning the oil spillages that have devastated our environment, they would rather build prisons so they can incarcerate innocent people with ease.

Instead of registering their presence in the state by building a house in the capital city of Port Harcourt or their villages, they would rather use N3 Billion of Rivers State funds to build palaces in Abuja and lodge in Hotels when they come to a state they did strip bare, emptying her treasury.

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