BoT Chairman of WSM meets with Club 60+

BOT Chairman of WSM Meets With Club 60+

Club 60+ is an arm of the Wike Solidarity Movement (WSM) which comprises of elderly citizens approaching the age of 60 and above.

The group was led on the solidarity visit by its State Coordinator, Queen Georgiana Nennibarni Tenalo, with a current membership strength of over 4000, cutting across the 23 L.G.As of Rivers State, and boasts of over a thousand excos from across the L.G.As.

While receiving the entourage, Dr. Gabriel Pidomson thanked the delegates for mobilizing themselves and their age group, to support, and identify with His Excellency, Chief. Barr. Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, for more development in Rivers State.

He further stated that while WSM Club 18+ was supposed to be the last to be inaugurated, WSM Club 60+ is going to be it’s last mobilization cluster. WSM Club 60+ caps the mobilization strategy of Wike Solidarity Movement, adding that he wants to run an all-inclusive movement that transcends 2019, and possibly, outlive him, adding that it should cut across all the L.G.As as well as non indigenes, as most non indigenes have resided in the state for over 50 years.

He stated, “we’re the largest mobilization organization in the PDP as it stands now, the actual name of this organization is, Initiative for Amity and Great Leadership and the project is Wike Solidarity Movement.”

While speaking about the need for the solidarity visit, Dr. King David Bardey Adamgbo (JP) from Khana, stated that there are over 4000 support strength of both men and women, and commended the BoT Chairman, stating that the initiative is a good one. He said “It is God that entered your mind to come up with this initiative and efforts. Over 60+ don’t come out to vote in the 23 LGAs, because the people are not happy, even if the Governor has done well in terms of infrastructures. They feel neglected.”

He revealed that letters were written to all the seniors in the 23 LGAs to mobilize seniors, he stressed his readiness to follow the initiative.

Hon. Chief G.N Akpo JP during his speech, stated that while Wike’s effort in transforming the state in terms of development cannot be overlooked, he needs to look into the free healthcare program initiated by the Odili administration of which he was a beneficiary. A program that packed up few years after Amaechi took over the reins of government.

He advised that the initiative of WSM Club 60+ is a set up not only for themselves, but for the upcoming generations that will be 60 in years to come, adding that their hearts should have sincerity of purpose, therefore, this project should be taken seriously. He assured that he will do everything within his power to ensure they are heard.

Chief. Jonathan Gunn (JP) in his speech stated “Wike is working fantastically”, while thanking the BoT Chairman for being very articulate and for carrying the elders along.

He led all the elders present in a prayer session for the BoT Chairman, and the organization, after which he reiterated their resolve to mobilize elders to get their PVCs, monitor them to ensure it is utilized.

The meeting came to a conclusion with a closing prayer by Dr. Pidomson.

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